How to get started on GBSGuide?

Posted by Site Admin on 12-18-17 10:45 PM

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How to get started on GBSGuide?

By Site Admin

Everything starts with you creating a member profile - this happens at As with other great online directories or social media services - an individual is where it all begins. Once you are a registered member you can add a company or multiple companies to our directory.

GBSG is a great tool for finding and connecting with content and contacts that you might never have otherwise found on your own. After you create an account and select Interests, make sure to find and connect with your work colleagues and save companies you like as favourites (press the thumb pin on top right of a company profile).

Once you have signed in your personal profile is accessed from 2 key locations - top right - where you will see a photo of yourself (if uploaded) and by clicking the red arrow on the left column of your screen. From here it’s all about finding content in the library, sharing your knowledge, finding professional help or offering your services and connecting with other like-minded people around the world. We take in a lot of different signals to ensure we are showing you the best stuff on our huge directory - do make sure you are getting the best recommendations by Liking and Disliking documents, companies, questions and other content, following other members and companies you find interesting, and following to a variety of Interests. This all helps us personalize your GBSGuide experience and helping you succeed in the international business world.