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Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce
Beaverton, United States
Member since: 2017-09-27
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When I am asked “What is the Beaverton Chamber? What do you do?”, I share that we are the community CATALYST, CONVENER and CONNECTOR.

CATAYLYST: We are a broad-based business organization, representing over 6000+ businesses with 85,000 jobs in our area

We are the leaders of Beaverton that come together to work as the community catalyst

As the “Catalyst”, our goal is to be the think tank that causes activity between all of the pieces of our community, precipitates change for the betterment of our community and we are the enthusiastic, friendly, and energetic promoters of Beaverton.

CONVENER: We are the only group or organization that has the resources that can bring together all players in the community (government and electeds, our schools, parks, police, fire agencies

business leaders) to work together and make positive change in our community

For example, we hosted our first Candidate’s Training Workshop

We called together local experts to deliver a 2-hour session in an intimate and professional setting with past-electeds (Ryan Deckert & Cathy Stanton), campaign experts (Laura Terrill Patten), public relation expert (Dianne Danowski Smith), media experts (Christina Lent) – all to share their knowledge, insights and answer questions to a standing-room-only conference room with individuals considering serving their community

As the “Convener”, our goal is to strengthen the local economy, attract jobs for our citizens, represent the interests of business to government, and ensure a high quality of life here in Beaverton.

CONNECTOR: We are the only group or organization that provides the volunteers and experiences(events) that are specifically focused on engaging business people (our members) multiple times per week to grow business relationships and provide visibility

As the “Connector” our goal is to promote and foster the free enterprise system, retain jobs, promote the community and increase networking and referrals.

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Phone503 350 2005

12600 SW Crescent St suite 160
Beaverton, OR
United States

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