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At GBSGuide you’ll find a wealth of FREE help for exporters – even if you have never exported before.

  • Start by registering – quick and FREE and lets us notify you of new information, events happening in your country and more.
  • Head to our library – easily find thousands of documents, presentations, web links, statistics and more.
  • Expert content – our verified experts (journalists, authors, subject matter experts etc) post white papers, presentations and more to a special ‘expert’ area on our website.



Every exporter needs help at some point – be that a local accountant, a lawyer with specialized knowledge or help in over 200 categories.

  • Search the directory – find the help you need in over 100 countries.
  • See documents posted by professional service companies.
  • Ask a question and see previous answers that our service providers have answered.

See reviews and leave reviews to help others.



Exporting is complicated and experience is a vital component. Building a network of connections is proven to increase your understanding of the export process and get you ahead of your competitors.

  • Find other exporters – visit the member directory and find other exporters near you to swap stories with.
  • Send messages to other exporters and build some friendships
  • Favourites list – quickly find companies that others like or that you want to follow.
  • Post a blurb – short updates of your latest news.
  • Find an event - view thousands of trade shows, seminars, webinars and networking events.



Your company needs to be added to our directory if you want to be found by new clients – it’s easy and FREE.

  • Start by registering – your company may already be listed –you need to ‘claim it’. If you can’t find your company then adding it is quick and FREE.
  • Let exporters find you – ensure your company profile is complete. Exporters can then find you easily across 200 professional categories.
  • Trade associations – ensure your company is listed as a trade association member (if applicable) – these listings are found more often.



Build a reputation as the expert in your field and new clients will find you.

  • Build your profile by adding documents, responding to exporters questions, telling exporters about your events.
  • Share what you know – exporters appreciate it when you share some of your knowledge, they will follow your company and contact you when they need your help.
  • Ask exporters to help you by building up your reviews and reading the content you post on GBSGuide – your company name will then appear more often throughout our website.
  • Become an Expert contributor – we appreciate expertise and will feature you more throughout our website and marketing if you become a verified ‘expert contributor’ email us at support@gbsguide.comfor more information – it’s FREE.



Opportunity is waiting for your business on GBSGuide.

  • Maintain a professional profile on GBSGuide and engage with our community to your company in front of exporters worldwide.
  • SEO friendly – search engines love GBSGuide because we post a lot of new and relevant content – make sure you are linked to us and in turn help your own website get found.
  • Enhanced profile – when you are ready then we suggest you make your company stand out from the crowd and get found more easily. We have premium listings that will get your brand seen by more exporters and deliver you even more sales leads. Look at our plans here.